What are entities?

What are entities?

Entities help define paths of critical checkpoints for a product workflow.


An entity is a chain of events connected using a common primary key.

Why Entities?

Entities help stitch together all critical events associated with a specific business object, in the above-mentioned case, a payment transaction.

  • The presence/absence of these events helps identify failure points in the transaction.

  • The attribute values within each event help drill-down and identify variable values within the transactions.

How do entities differ from transactions & events?

Features and capabilities of Entities

  1. Grouping in List View: You can group all events associated with a single instance of an entity.

  2. Alerting: Identifying anomalies in transactions at an aggregate or individual level basis entity events.

  3. Filtering: You can filter out entities basis.

  4. Flow views: Track the state of different instances started within a certain duration

  5. Mapping external metrics to nodes: Every node in an entity can be considered to be equivalent

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